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When the sky empties and the sea swells, Gouné the fisherman, with brief flashes of lucidity, canes in his hand, receives a message from this underwater life. This one becomes favorable in an instant, ready to share with the courageous its flaked treasures which end their journey on the coastal reefs.

Lost in the silence of daily solitary labor, he knows how to listen to the song of the sea, where we hear birds complaining in the wind and other strange songs of female angels, leading unknown old sailors to an abyssal paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Suspended in the air, perched above the water, like a crucified figure on a wood planted in the middle of nothingness, static, he watches for the passing of time. Balanced by tumultuous waves, he reflects on his life without turmoil, on his life on a stilt.

Gouné is a fisherman, a real one; he is not one of those who for a few coins, take the pose on fake poles and pretend to catch fish for cheap tourists.

These guys, when the evening comes, will catch the drink, and will be part of this drunken people who sail to the sound of the music of the street cabarets. Tired of drunkenness, they will be found stranded in the morning, almost everywhere on the side of the roads between Unawatuna and Weligama.

On the contrary, Gouné's life is filled with simplicity; filled with fish that we scale every night for dinner, with daily visits to the temple, sunsets that caress coconut palms, sea turtles that we visit at 2am, and admiration for Sudu his son who perfect his English, surfing with blond tourists along the coast. It is a life that capsizes his soul and provokes all his senses.

Gouné, my friend, taught me how to fish suspended on the water, to discover a life that has no ambition other than to be lived and shared, a life suspended on stilts between joy and sadness, a powerful life because it is simple and unique. And as he walks along the beach, he explains to me that life is like the ocean, we are all attracted to it, obsessed with its strength, its unceasing movement, its mysteries and its ineffable beauty. There are thus several ways to sail and cross this ocean, and that we are under no obligation to go far and discover the seas of the world to see the mystery of its waters. This can be done 10 meters from the edge, perched on a reef.

His life, has never been a problem that must be solved, but a magical mystery that must be lived.